Private Residential Interior Concerting (2014)

Concerting interior renovation in classical and antique scheme with customized furniture design was a mission for a client who had a vacation house in Florida. My team provided several design options including customized furniture designs and provided fully visualized 3D perspective.



Residence Prototype (2014)

This is a conceptual prototype for a single family. 'Comfortable' is a main scheme to develop house design. I focus on psychological aspects of comfort in various indoor activities. My choice is 'personalization' and 'ownership' as main achievements through this design. As first step, I decide 'storage' as a main function of house and I develop it to achieve 'personalization' and 'ownership' from structure and spatial quality. Structure of house functions as much as storage at the same and integrated in daily life of house.  



Residence with Music Hall (2013)

Dynamic shapes of residential units create a big music concert hall for public in Elmwood Ave, Buffalo.
The main purpose of this project was to provide open public rest space with opportunities for young musicians. The mass of residence functions as megaphone to deliver sounds as far as it can without noisy interruption to neighborhoods. The mess is designed for better sound refection without additional electric equipment.