Interior Design in Furniture Part 3 by hyeongmo goo

I made much efforts to improve lighting reflection effect in interior, especially artificial lighting. Comparing with previous rendering, light reflection is much natural.

However, there is still problem in shadow effect. There are unrealistic shadow spots. It is my next assignment to solve.

Interior Design In Furniture Part 2 by hyeongmo goo

As I mentioned before, using lights in 3DS Max to create realistic scenes is not easy. Unlike illumination in real world, computerized light reflection and illumination do not generate same light effect of real world. I added several additional omit lights around main light fixtures and controlled to bright space and tested many scenes.

There are somethings from these test that first, material color changes under lighting setting and second, indoor light fixture is not enough to create the real world light reflection.

Interior Design in Furniture Part 1 by hyeongmo goo

This summer, I have an internship in interior design, especially research furniture for residential design. Two months period is short to complete and understand furniture in interior design but this is good time to know how ergonomic idea applies in real design and works through 3D modeling customized furniture.

As an architect, furniture is an element that would be unconsciously ignored. As Frank Lloyd Wright did, master of architecture cares all elements in space, including furniture. A collection of customized antique furniture for residential design provides me an opportunity, unlike modern furniture, that understand harmony of different styles of design and materials. Simple is not suitable for antique style. Ornament is alive in this furniture and shows classical values of beauty. 

I still need to study to understand how light elements affect in visual space. Computer 3D modeling and rendering are great tool to see how the space cooperates with these elements. This project is still done only 60% and I need to update better light effects and materials.